Working After Retirement

Written by , January 31, 2011

The idea of retiring started with the modern society. Before things become so civilized, people worked until they died. Now people work until they can create enough income to sit back and enjoy life. Retirement has become a major life goal.

Many people discover that once retirement has lost its novelty, the desire to get back to work sets in. Volunteer work may be the path that some retirees choose to release the excess energy. Others decide that now is the time to follow that dream that has been had for more years than they can remember.

The key to enjoying work after retirement is to do the thing that you love. Having a solid financial support in the form of a retirement nest egg makes it less risky to step out and try the thing that you have always dreamed of.

Here is some advice about working after retirement.

  • Determine your passion. Every person has something that they are uniquely designed to do. It stirs up excitement in the heart and builds up a reservoir of encouragement and energy. Tapping into that passion allows people to do a job without ever feeling like they are working.
  • Look for an opportunity. Not everyone loves the same things. One man may enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass while another loves discovering the hideout of different fish. Someone else will often pay to avoid doing a certain task. Look around at things that are fun and exciting to you and see if there may be an opportunity to do that for someone else. For example, there are people today making good money doing holiday wrapping for others.
  • Set up shop. Turn that favorite hobby into a paycheck. Run an ad or use word of mouth to tell others that your business is open. Set up a payment scale for different jobs and let people know when work can begin.
  • Enjoy the job. Doing the things that are driven by passion will take the work out of a job. The retiree that continues to pursue passion will never truly be retired but will also never work another day.
  • Passion fuels the dream. Discovering that passion and then putting that passion to work opens up doors of opportunities that most retirees never imagined possible. Working after retirement can become a field of dreams instead a required dread by developing the right plan along the path to retirement.

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