Use 2011 to Get Your Retirement Back on Track

Written by , February 11, 2011

Use 2011 to Get Your Retirement Back on TrackEvery year that passes draws that time of retirement a little closer. The tighter the budget and the tougher the economy, the farther down the importance of retirement planning falls. Many people find that they have waited too long to secure their retirement finances.

There is no more time to waste. The little changes you make right now can add up to the tomorrow that you have dreamed about. No matter where you are in your journey, starting now will help you get to that place where your retirement plans are back on track.

Here is some advice you can use to improve your retirement plans in 2011:

  • Ditch the debt. The less you owe then the more you will have to invest with each paycheck. Aggressively pay off debt and then move those payments over to begin aggressively investing in your financial future.
  • Pay yourself first. Consider your investment in retirement a payment. Each paycheck, make the first check you write be one to your retirement account. Developing this habit of paying yourself first will help you grow your retirement faster.
  • Change your deductions. Set up an automatic investment plan. Get your employer to automatically deduct a specific amount out of your paycheck.
  • Change your spending habits. The less you spend now the more you will have to spend when retirement comes around. Cut those unnecessary expenses and move that money over into your investment accounts instead. You will see your retirement nest egg grow even faster when you make lots of those little contributions.
  • Take a second job. There are only two ways to increase the amount you can invest in your retirement. You either have to cut expenses or create more income. Taking a second job, or maybe creating a new entrepreneurial opportunity, can be the added boost you need to get your retirement back on track in 2011.
  • No matter what knocked your retirement off the tracks initially, it is time to get things moving in the right direction. With just a few changes you can get back to saving for that financial future you have in mind.

    Begin the process by re-evaluating your finances with a professional. Create a plan and then start moving down the path of that financial plan. Find new ways to save money or make money. Invest all of that new money into your savings. Making these moves will help you do what needs to be done so that you can use 2011 to get your retirement back on track.

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