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How to Apply for Social Security Benefits
Thursday, December 12th, 2013
How to Apply for Social Security BenefitsEven though many of the assumptions have changed regarding what retirement looks like and how we act during retirement, one thing has remained relatively constant: the timing of retirement is closely related to eligibility for federal Social Security retirement benefits. For example, some people begin to consider retiring when they first become eligible for partial Social Security benefits (at age 62). Many others still base their retirement expectations on the age at which they’ll receive full Social Security benefits (between age 65 and 67), while still others wait until they can receive the maximum Read More »

Answers to the Most Common Social Security Questions
Thursday, June 28th, 2012
Answers to the Most Common Social Security QuestionsSocial Security is perhaps the most valuable benefit any individual will ever receive from the federal government. For many people, Social Security will be a significant component of their retirement income. Individuals who have not saved for their own retirement may end up relying almost entirely on Social Security during their retirement years. Despite it being so often talked about, there is still a significant lack of understanding about some basic terms and conditions of the Social Security program; even questions relating to eligibility and benefits. Here is some retirement advice and answers to some of the most common Social...

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